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The Lens: Corporate Social Responsibility - this is how to attract & retain talent.

Jay spoke to The Lens magazine for their feature 'Corporate Social Responsibility - this is how to attract & retain talent' about the importance of authentic CSR in organizations - because consumers as well as employees are demanding it.

Consumers will demand more transparency on where their goods come from, and employees will gravitate to organizations that have clear and measurable corporate and social responsibilities. CSR has to be more than a trend, and organizations who are getting away with greenwashing will likely be called out where their actions do not line up with their brand messaging.

Employees and consumers want to feel good about where they spend their time and money, and part of the experience and emotional connection they want to have when buying into a brand or organization is that it is ultimately bringing about good in the world.

It is also vital for organizations to connect their CSR strategies to their workforce—to help employees understand how they and their work can contribute to positive outcomes for their communities, to lift up marginalized groups, to embed sustainable practices for the health of the planet and to contribute to a more compassionate and sustainable future.

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