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Culture Canopy delivers impactful, bespoke Human Resources initiatives for our clients across the commercial and non-profit sectors, with global solutions.


Culture Canopy considers our clients unique needs, experiences, culture & ambitions, to provide strategic tailored & creative solutions which are right-sized for your organization - enhancing culture, performance, equity & belonging along the way. 

Culture Canopy takes a holistic approach across the Human Resources function and the strategic role Human Resources plays in the success of a growing & evolving organization, to implement recommendations looking past the horizon with a long term vision.

Culture Canopy supports clients in building a modern Human Resources function with streamlined approaches, so that existing Human Resources teams & leaders can focus on growing the organization and generating the biggest impact. 

Bringing value to clients & their teams

People Strategy

Understanding our clients mission, story, structure, ways of working & unique positioning, we develop holistic people strategies aligned with achieving organizational ambitions.

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Transformational HR

Human Resources plays a strategic role in the success of any organization. We support our clients to evolve their HR function to look to the future & answer organizational needs.

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Influencing Culture

Creating an effective organizational culture takes purposeful action. We take clients on a journey to develop culture, fostering belonging & influencing performance. 

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Talent Development

Devising impactful talent management programs with learning, leadership development & coaching. We also partner clients to develop succession planning & career journeys.

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Value Proposition

Developing Employee Value Propositions which help clients share their story with employees & candidates - communicating why talent should join & stay with your organization.

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Workforce Planning

Supporting clients in thinking about the evolution of their organization, and planning for the workforce of the future, we can build budgets & plans to facilitate growth. 

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Organizational Design

We devise plans with our clients to evolve their organizational structure design to best align with their ambitions, and development plans to evolve how those ambitions are reached.

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Pay Equity

Building plans for our clients around pay equity, and providing a consistent and considerate approach for how they can ensure equal pay for equal work within their organization. 

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Total Reward

We build Total Reward offerings for our clients, aligned with the culture to attract & retain talent. We design compensation structures & programs as well as benefit & reward schemes.

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Talent Engagement

Sourcing external talent & designing talent processes to ensure an impactful candidate experience. Providing recommendations around future of work talent strategies. 

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Supporting clients through devising Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging initiatives to drive a culture of fairness & ensure an impactful & equal employee experience. 

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HR Operations

Supporting our clients in the running of their Human Resources function & processes, including global expansion approach & vendor selection & management. 

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