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Privacy Notice (Updated March 26 2024)

At A Glance: Questions about your data

Website Privacy Policy Notice Content

What is personal data?
Do you collect personal data?
Do you store personal data?
Do you sell personal data?
Are third parties involved in processing personal data?
Is data involved in a sales activity with a third party?
Do you recognize that I have rights regarding my data?
Information that can be used to identify someone or can be used with other information to identify someone.

In Detail


Culture Canopy Consulting, LLC (Culture Canopy), focuses on empowering clients to enhance their organizational culture with inclusive, modern & people centric strategic solutions - creating positive change for people, animals & the planet. Our website is meant to be informative and serve as a means of connecting with you. The data needed to make this connection and how we use it is outlined in this privacy policy notice (Notice). This Notice is organized into the following nine parts:


  1. Purpose of Data Processing

  2. How We Get Data

  3. Data We Process

  4. Legal Basis for Data Processing

  5. Location of Data

  6. Use of Data After Processing

  7. Rights of the Individual

  8. Contacting Organization

  9. Updates to this Privacy Policy Notice


1. Purpose of Data Processing

We collect data on our website in order to start a conversation with you, our visitor (visitor). Additionally, as outlined further in section 2 (How We Get Data), data that is indirectly connected to you is collected when you visit our site allowing us to analyze traffic to our site and monitor its security. None of this data is sold.


2. How We Get Data


Data is collected through our website in one of the following ways:


  • The visitor voluntarily provides personal data to us through when visiting our site by:

    • contacting us through the completion of an online form

    • requesting to subscribe to a newsletter or blog

    • engaging in a chat through a chat bot option located on the site


  • Automatically when the visitor reaches our site. This personal data is considered indirect because we don’t use direct identifiers to create a profile. Instead, this data is organized by a visit number. These automatic collections include records of pages visited, devices used, and geographic region. Some of this information is collected through Cookies, as outlined in section 3 (Data We Process) below.   


 3. Data We Process


The categories of data that we collect are outlined in the table below. The table is organized into four parts:

  • Category: This tells the type of data that we are collecting

  • Direct/Indirect: There are generally two ways that the data collected in each category are associated with a person, either directly or indirectly. Directly related means that the data collected, by itself, can identify you as an individual. Indirectly related means that the data collected are related to you as an individual but would only be able to be connected to you if other direct identifiers were also present.

  • Description: Details regarding the category of data collected are provided.

  • Purpose: An explanation as to the reason why we need to collect this data is provided.

Field Category
Device Information
Location Information



*Please remember Cookies are handled by your internet browser. Each browser has a way to turn them off if you so choose. Check your browsers instruction guide for assistance.

Web site performance information


Indirect to Personal Data

Information about you, such as your name and email address. This information is only collected if you fill out a form on our website.

Information regarding your country of location.  Please note, if you accept Wix’s cookie terms, they are able to collect relative location data down neighborhood view. We don’t recommend accepting cookies in this case. We would disable the collection of this information by default if we were able to so.


This information is stored in Wix. The privacy policy notice for Wix can be found here.

As part of our data collection process, information about your device including your IP address, operating system type, and device type, cellular carrier, is retrieved.

Based on the IP address utilized by your device we will get information about your general location to the national and state/provincial level of where you are accessing our site.

“Cookies” are small files of information that are stored by your web browser software on your computer hard drive, mobile or other devices (e.g., smartphones or tablets).


We use the following third party applications to process cookies: (A link to their respective privacy policy notices are provided)


Google reCAPTCHA: You may be asked to check a box indicating that you are not a robot or Google reCAPTCHA may detect abusive traffic without user interaction.  Google reCAPTCHA works by transmitting certain types of information to Google, such as the referrer URL, IP address, visitor behavior, operating system information, browser and length of the visit, cookies, and mouse movements.  Your use of Google reCAPTCHA is subject to Google’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use which can be found here.

Upon your request, we will contact you to start a conversation.
We use this information to provide aggregate data to see where visitors to our website are coming from.  

This information serves three purposes:

  1. Allows us to determine any technical difficulties that may arise and how best to fix them.

Allows us to monitor our website’s performance for any type of cyber security threat.

This allows us to monitor internal compliance with the privacy and security laws where our clients reside and best address international transfer requirements and incident response.

These cookies assist with providing information that:

  • Estimate the number of visitors to our site and usage patterns

  • Compile aggregate data about site traffic and site interactions to resolve issues and offer better site experiences and tools in the future

We use Google reCAPTCHA, a free service provided by Google, Inc., to protect our Site from spam and abuse. Google reCAPTCHA uses advanced risk analysis techniques to decipher humans and bots.

4. Legal Basis for Data Processing

Culture Canopy’s website requests your consent for the use of any personal information that is directly connected to you (as outlined above). By visiting the website and navigating its contents you are providing Culture Canopy with a legitimate business interest to process indirect personal data so that you can make use of our website.


We want to ensure that the individual who is using our application can legally consent to its use. While our website does not pose any known harm to anyone under the age of 18, for consumer use, we are only intending to reach those of ages 18 and older. We anticipate that users of our site are visiting on behalf of the organization they represent and are a client or potential client.


Additionally, Culture Canopy will not share data with any non-contracted third party except for the following circumstances: court order, subpoena or as otherwise compelled by law.


5. Location of the Data


Data that is processed on our website is collected and stored using Wix and Google Analytics. This data is stored in the United States of America. Links to the privacy policy notices can be found in section 3 (Data We Process) above.


6. Use of Data After Processing


  • All the data, whether indirect or direct, are stored in our Wix contact management database for a period of time that does not exceed 3 years.

  • Culture Canopy does not sell data to any individual or entity.

  • Culture Canopy does not purchase data from any individual or entity.

  • Culture Canopy does not participate in sales activity where data sets are sold to us or that we are under contract to process data on behalf of a third party.

7. Rights of the Individual


A. Individuals whose data are processed by Culture Canopy have the following rights related to protecting personal information:


  • Right to Know: The individual has a right to know how their data is collected, used, and stored.

  • Right to File Complaint: Individual may file a complaint with Culture Canopy about concerns related to how data is being processed.

  • Right to Access: Individuals have a right to access information about data being stored about them.

  • Right to Data Portability: All requests to access data by an individual and is approved per legal requirements will be provided through a common data format. These formats will either be a comma-separated values file or a PDF document.

  • Right to be Forgotten: An individual may request that their individual data, contained within Culture Canopy, is erased. A request for eraser will be reviewed, and a decision communicated to the requestor as required by law.


B. To inquire about any of these rights regarding the Culture Canopy application, please contact us at outlined in section 8 (Contacting Culture Canopy) below.


8. Contacting Culture Canopy


Questions about how personal data is processed, used, and stored can be directed to or by writing to:

Culture Canopy Consulting LLC
2218 Jackson Ave. Suite 310
Long Island City, NY 11101.


9. Updates to this Privacy Policy Notice


Culture Canopy reserves the right to change this privacy policy notice as needed. Notification of changes will be posted on our website https://www.Culture  The date at the top of the privacy policy notice shows the date of the most recent privacy policy notice and references the date of the version it is replacing.

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