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Enhancing Organizational Success: The value of a HR consultancy as a strategic partner

When I introduce Culture Canopy as a strategic HR partner, I often encounter questions like "what does that mean?", "why should we hire you?" & "how can you bring value to us?".

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Instead of viewing our work as a fractional or part-time resource, we prefer to emphasize the partnership aspect of what we do. Our goal is to collaborate with organizations to help their teams reach their full potential. This involves developing an inclusive culture and providing a unique employee experience, while also ensuring that the organization's structure aligns with its mission and goals.

Our engagement varies by client, because each client has its individual needs which should be respected as such. Our approach is not one of 'one size fits all', and we recognize each organization is on its own journey, with its own story and ambitions. We take time to learn about the team and organization and devise strategies together to drive positive and impactful change to contribute towards a more sustainable and compassionate working environment.

Our comprehensive approach encompasses various aspects of the internal ecosystem - and looking at it holistically. We cover organizational design and development, workforce planning, total rewards and compensation, inclusion and belonging, culture development, and talent systems across acquisition, development, performance, and succession.

So, let's address some common questions about the value of hiring an HR consultant and when it's the right time for a growing organization to consider this option.

When it comes to fractional HR services, it's not just about filling gaps or covering vacancies. Working with a HR consultancy brings in specialized skill sets that might not exist within the organization, allowing for the successful delivery of specific projects and initiatives. We also help existing teams take a holistic approach to their work, connecting the dots and enhancing the overall employee experience.

For organizations without dedicated HR resources, we work closely with leaders at all levels, including founders, CEOs, and Executive Directors, to provide guidance on all things people and culture related. We have access to a wide range of HR skill sets and can bring in specialized talent as needed.

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When organizations are experiencing rapid growth, HR topics and organizational culture can often get overlooked.

However, neglecting these areas can lead to future complications. While recruitment and some HR fundamentals may be under control, organizations often struggle to focus on creating a positive culture, managing talent effectively, and implementing HR processes that add value without slowing down the entire operation. This is where a HR consultant can step in and ensure that internal systems, communication flows, and leadership skill sets are aligned with the organization's growth goals and desired culture.

Culture Canopy can provide strategic value to growing organizations without dedicated HR resources. We can help address the HR topics that inevitably arise, ensuring that they align with your organizational culture from the start. By establishing a solid foundation, we can support your organization's continued growth and evolution.

As organizations grow, they often introduce various HR initiatives that may be disconnected, time-consuming, and process-heavy, ultimately adding little value. At Culture Canopy, we believe in simplifying and finding modern solutions that address organizational needs and contribute to success.

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Let's delve into how an HR consultant approaches a new engagement and ensures success.

When we work with a client, we invest time in understanding their journey, team dynamics, and organizational progress. Through a discovery phase, we gather insights about the organization's current state and collaborate with our clients to identify the highest-impact initiatives. To truly grasp the organization's culture, we believe in connecting with individual team members, learning about their journeys, motivations, and aspirations.

While organizations consist of values, systems, workflows, goals, and missions, it's the people within the organization who drive its success. They are the heartbeat of the organization, and their experiences, growth, and connection to the organization are crucial. We help leaders harness the value within their organization by connecting all these aspects.

During the discovery phase, we often uncover underlying causes behind the initial topics the client wanted to address. This allows us to pivot our approach and achieve the best outcomes for our clients.

Our engagement begins with a thorough discovery phase, followed by co-creating solutions that align with the organization's goals and culture. We design these solutions with a focus on understanding the "why" behind our recommendations. After implementation, we support our clients in effectively communicating and embedding the new initiatives, maximizing the chances of success through change management.

Next, let's explore how an external HR consultant can help shape organizational culture.

Organizational culture encompasses everything you say and do; shaping how your organization operates, as well as how your teams feel empowered and connected as part of your community. It's crucial to foster a culture where everyone understands their role within the community and feels engaged and valued within it.

Building a strong culture involves both intentional actions and addressing any implicit factors that may be negatively impacting it. Proactive and purposeful efforts are key when developing a vibrant culture, and it's important to involve all stakeholders in co-creating this culture within the organization.

When collaborating with our clients, we follow a comprehensive methodology to assess the current state of their organization. We engage with various stakeholders using a range of approaches and tools to gain a well-rounded understanding. We also customize our methodology to address specific areas of importance to our clients.

Our approach often uncovers crucial insights that may have been left unspoken within the organization but may be in need of attention. Once we have a holistic view of the current organizational culture, we collaborate with our clients to bring everything to the forefront and determine the most impactful strategies. These strategies aim to enhance the employee experience and address the needs expressed by the team. Ultimately, our goal is to identify actions that align with collective goals and the organization's mission.

By leveraging our expertise and collaborative approach, we ensure that our clients' organizational cultures thrive and evolve. Together, we create an engaging and dynamic environment that fosters productivity, satisfaction, and success.

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Now, you might be wondering how visible a HR consultant is within an organization they are working with.

The level of visibility for an HR consultant within an organization depends on the agreed deliverables. The consultant may work closely with the organizational leader, providing guidance for them to implement, or collaborate with existing HR teams to deliver specific objectives. In many cases, the consultant becomes a strategic partner to the broader leadership team, offering support individually and collectively. Additionally, in some instances, the consultant's visibility extends to the wider team, especially when they are responsible for overseeing the entire HR function of the organization.

To ensure alignment with the client's expectations, the consultant determines their level of visibility at the beginning of the engagement. This ensures that they are present in the specific areas of the organization where their expertise will make the most positive impact and change.

Is Investing in a HR Consultancy Worth It? How Are Engagements Structured?

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Working with a HR consultancy can offer numerous benefits, making it a worthwhile investment. Not only does it provide flexibility, but it can also be cost-effective. Instead of trying to hire all the talent and skill sets you need, you can simply rent the expertise you require. Moreover, collaborating with a HR consultancy grants you access to a senior thought partner. They possess the knowledge and experience to swiftly identify and address organizational challenges based on their varied client work.

When working with us, our clients can expect high-quality and tailored solutions. We view our services as an investment in their success. We always strive to present our deliverables in a transparent manner, offering options and maintaining flexibility to accommodate our clients' unique needs and circumstances.

With our extensive experience across multiple sectors, including luxury retail, consumer packaged goods, media and marketing, as well as not-for-profit organizations, we bring a wealth of knowledge to the table. The organizations we work with share a common concern for their overall well-being and their commitment to creating a positive experience across their internal ecosystem. Additionally, our values align with theirs, as we aim to contribute to a more sustainable and compassionate world for all.

To best meet our clients' needs, we offer various engagement structures. These can be project-based, time-based, or based on a retained fee, each with clearly defined responsibilities. However, we have found that engagements lasting at least 3 to 6 months yield the most valuable outcomes. This duration allows us to become fully integrated within the organization and effectively drive organizational change.

Overall, investing in a HR consultancy provides a range of advantages, and our engagement structures are designed to ensure a successful partnership that delivers lasting results.

Could Culture Canopy be the right strategic partner for your organization?

If you are a mission-driven organization that is committed to creating a better planet for all, then the answer is yes! We share the same values as your organization and are driven by a deep passion to contribute to the success of organizations that are making a real impact in creating a more compassionate and sustainable future.

We invite you to schedule a call with us so that we can get to know each other better and explore how we can provide the best support for your organization.

Organizational Growth

We are currently unable to invest in services, but we would greatly appreciate the support of Culture Canopy.

If your organization is a small commercial organization with revenue under $750K per year, or a not-for-profit with an operating budget below $750K per year, we typically offer additional discounts on our standard rates.

Our goal is to reduce the barrier to working with us and support smaller organizations in making a larger impact.

For not-for-profit organizations that share our values, we frequently offer pro bono work. Please feel free to reach out to us to inquire about our capacity to support your organization. We have provided pro bono support to individuals, organizations, and the animal advocacy movement.

If we haven't convinced you why you should work with us so far, here is a recap!

  • Our offering is tailored to create the maximum impact.

  • You will have access to senior and experienced talent.

  • Our engagements are flexible and cost-effective.

  • We utilize tools and methodologies to drive desired outcomes.

  • We believe in co-designing and collaborating with our clients.

  • We customize our solutions to add value.

  • Your culture, mission, and values are at the core of everything we do.

  • We have extensive experience across various HR specialisms.

  • Together, we can expedite organizational change.

  • We are passionate about creating a more sustainable and compassionate world for all.

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