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Succession planning & why it matters - Jay chats with AIHR on taking a holistic approach.

Jay recently spoke with AIHR (the Academy to innovate HR) about the importance of succession planning & doing so in an authentic & holistic way, creating opportunity for talent to diversify their experiences across the organization to be able to move up.

See the full article at AIHR and catch Jay's guidance below.

"Having a succession plan in place is vital to know who your future leaders might be and what it might take to be able to get them ready for that next role in the organization. If you are not looking at your internal successors you are likely overlooking your talent when you need to be nurturing their growth and keeping them engaged for the future.
If you are in a position where you are losing a senior leader and you have not identified a potential successor - you might need to start from scratch on your external search; losing time, risking continuity & deliverables due to the gap in leadership. And as we know there is a cost, both financially and to productivity, when onboarding external talent.
When it comes to identifying the next steps for your talent and their succession journey, it's important to also consider the lateral experiences they might need to have to fully round out their skills. Taking this approach helps to ensure your talent are engaged and developing new skills, and that they understand you care about, and are focused on preparing them for future opportunities"

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