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Leadership competencies to drive success

Jay recently spoke to the Academy to Innovate HR for their article '18 Key Leadership Competencies for success in 2023.

Companies who invest in developing leadership competencies are 3.4 times more likely to be rated as an employer of choice & great place to work.

"Leadership competencies should be connected with organizational values and culture. It is crucial to involve stakeholders across the business so that leadership competencies drive behaviors and success.

Any leadership competencies developed in a bubble and filtered down are unlikely to become truly embedded, believed or felt – and it is a missed opportunity to influence change & progress across the workforce when they are not included in the change. Displaying the leadership competencies is more important than simply stating what they are and expecting employees to live them.

When determining the leadership competencies which should be in play across the organization, you have to consider strategic ambitions and organizational values to ensure you are driving behaviors for success.

This allows the continual evolution of your internal culture and allows space for creating connections with your employees and your customers – enabling them to truly experience your organization and ensuring what is expected internally is what it also felt externally. Authenticity is key."

In the article AIHR shared the following 18 leadership competencies organizations should consider to drive organizational change & growth. The full article is available to read at


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