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Jay speaks to the Wellness Voice about the importance of employee wellbeing

As the business world continues to evolve, the importance of corporate wellness is becoming increasingly clear.

Jay spoke with the Wellness Voice to share his perspective on the role of corporate wellness in building a healthy and successful business, and makes the case for how wellbeing needs to an embedded part of your organizational culture.

Without a doubt, the wellness of your employees contributes to performance and the overall achievements of a business. Healthy, happy & connected employees are going to be more engaged, be able to tap into their creativity and find innovative solutions to answer organizational challenges and opportunities. However, wellness should not be an add on; it needs to be authentically incorporated into the organization’s culture and genuinely lived out and modeled at all levels.
A wellness initiative is not going to solve underlying issues within your culture, and issues within your organizational culture are going to affect your people’s wellbeing. Wellness & culture must go hand-in-hand and there is hard work to do to ensure your culture is one with a wellbeing mindset where everyone is supported and cared for.
In turn you will see a healthier, psychologically safer, engaged and more productive workforce driving overall organizational success; winning together.

Read the full article here.

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