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Interested in trying Veganuary?

Veganuary is just a few days away and is a great opportunity to try a plant-based diet and kick off the year right!

You may even love it and decide to stick with it after you discover how good vegan food can be - while also knowing you are contributing to a more compassionate & sustainable future.

Why try Veganuary?

1) Research has shown time and time again that a wholesome plant based diet is the best diet to fight infections and prevent serious illnesses & diseases such as heart disease & cancers.

2) There is no humane way to raise and slaughter animals for food - and billions of sentient beings are killed every year as part of our broken food system. A vegan diet is the best way to reduce the suffering & violence faced by farm animals by driving down demand in the first place.

3) Our planet is facing catastrophic consequences as a result of climate change, and raising animals for food is one of the primary causes driving that change. We are tearing down natural ecosystems & devastating local communities in order to produce more meat - creating a cycle of suffering & destruction which is not healthy or sustainable. By switching to a vegan diet, you can contribute to a more compassionate & sustainable future for all sentient beings, communities & the planet.

Where to find out more?

In 2022, over 629K people signed up for Veganuary. Sign up here to take part in 2023 & gain access to the incredible resources Veganuary has to offer to help you on your journey!

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