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A compassionate future is possible - all together at the AVA summit

To experience an environment with hundreds of like-minded & compassionate vegans is something you can only hope for - and the Animal & Vegan Advocacy summit offered that moment in October.

For much of my vegan life, and like other vegans - I’ve often had to defend and explain my choices to live a vegan lifestyle - while wondering what my meat-eating friends cannot comprehend about our broken food systems. But I too once ate meat and I understand how well we have been shielded from the reality and conditioned not to challenge it.

AVA was an incredible experience - to be around fellow vegans and allies with such positivity and compassion; coming together to create change for a better tomorrow. I had the privilege to connect with such interesting & inspiring individuals - all advocating for a better food system, improved treatment and the eventual elimination of animals raised for food.

Advocates from around the globe who are creating positive change on so many levels - be that by refusing to eat at a table where meat is present or raising awareness about the benefits of eating plant based or taking strategic action to challenge legislation at the highest levels.

Phenomenal speakers and panelists provoking ideas and discussion. AVA was a welcoming place for everyone regardless of where they were on their own vegan or advocacy journey.

To be part of this moment was a special experience and I will forever value the genuine connections, friendships & community made while we were together.

The future is vegan - if not for the animals, then because the world simply cannot sustain the future we are headed towards. The opportunities to create change are vast and I can’t wait to see the impact this inspiring community continues to make – and to come together again next year in LA!

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