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Cow Eye

Pro Bono Projects 

Supporting vegan & animal advocacy non-profit organizations

With an understanding of the unique challenges non-profit organizations in the animal advocacy & veganism movement face around managing their people operations, we are aiming to support the whole movement with a number of pro bono initiatives during 2023 - supporting you to streamline your people processes so you can focus on delivering your mission.

Hands Up

Leadership Coaching

We are offering 6 senior leaders within the movement a 6 month coaching journey to support you on your people related topics, tackling organizational challenges & developing your own leadership style. 

Compensation & Total Rewards

We know there are many challenges & factors when determining employee compensation. Through this initiative, our goal is to equip organizations in the movement with guidance on compensation benchmarking, processes & total reward offerings - to empower you with the data to make decisions around how you reward your teams and ensure equitable pay & reward processes. 

Working Together on Project
Remote Working

People Operations Setup

We understand the complexity involved when you are looking to scale your not-for-profit organization internationally - or when you are managing a remote workforce who can be based anywhere in the world.

We are looking to understand your unique needs and see how we might be able to provide an alternative solution for the movement.

Global Connects:
Uniting Animal Activists Across the World

A peer-to-peer learning experiencing connecting animal activists across the world to maximize positive outcomes for animals. 

A collaboration between Impactful Animal Advocacy & Culture Canopy

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