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Global Connects:
Uniting Animal Activists Across the World

A peer-to-peer learning journey to help advance our community around the world in collaboration with Impactful Animal Advocacy

Peer-to-Peer Learning Journey: 
Collaborating for global impactful animal advocacy

We are all about creating a coordinated and connected global community contributing towards impactful outcomes to improve the lives of animals. Thats why Impactful Animal Advocacy & Culture Canopy have come together to launch this peer-to-peer learning journey experience. 

The 'Global Connects: Uniting Animal Activists Across the World' program aims to connect passionate individuals from the global animal advocacy community to learn from one another and to amplify their local impact.


Our mission is to create a supportive network that enables activists to learn from each other's experiences and implement effective strategies in their local advocacy efforts. Whether you're an experienced advocate or new to the movement, we invite you to be part of this transformative journey where you will collaborate with peers to develop strategic actions, support one another along the way and create impactful outcomes.

We're especially excited about fostering cross-border connections, matching peers from different corners of the world to raise awareness and share learnings about different strategies and approaches. By sharing your journey and experiences, you can make a profound difference in someone's advocacy journey and help them increase their impact. 


Through a structured program, we will ensure your time in the program is well-invested with clear milestones for success where you can gain valuable insights and a deeper understanding of the global animal advocacy network. Together, we can build a stronger, more united front for animals and create meaningful change across borders.


Join us in the first wave of this 6-month program and be part of a supportive community that empowers activists across the globe. Let's learn, grow, and create a more compassionate world together.


This initiative is a pro bono program offered through a partnership between Culture Canopy & Impactful Animal Advocacy.

Cow Eye

Increase the impact of advocacy efforts globally

Build our global community

Why take part in this program?

Learn about advocacy in other countries

Gain skills & knowledge from others experiences

The Peer-to-Peer Learning Journey

Our program offers a structured journey consisting of six sessions, each designed to last approximately 45 to 60 minutes. The timing of these sessions will be determined collaboratively between the peers. Depending on the interest of participants, the sessions may be a combination of one-on-one and group learning experiences.

Rest assured; we are here to provide unwavering support throughout the program. We will provide a framework for the sessions, conduct kick-off calls to prepare participants to find value in the program, and regularly check in to ensure that both peers are making progress towards their objectives.

Take a look below for a breakdown of the program structure. You can also find the application form to express your interest in participating in this transformative program.

We warmly welcome anyone working in the animal and vegan advocacy space, regardless of whether your current role is directly involved in advocacy work. Our aim is to pair peers based on their skill sets and desired goals from the program.

Please note: Participants will be matched with participants in other parts of the world and time zone differences may cause scheduling challenges. Participants will schedule their sessions at a time that works for both sides. Please indicate your local time zone below and the regions you are open to being matched with a peer.

Wave 1 Participants

For the first wave of this program, we are looking for 25-50 participants who would like to be matched with a peer to work through the program framework together.


As a participant in the first wave of our program, we will be looking for you to share your experience and help us shape how this program evolves to create more impact in the future.


As participants move through the program, we are also keen to develop the community, so the partnerships continue to create positive impact even after the program has ended. As part of Wave 1, you will also contribute to shaping how the participants support each other moving forward.


Please show your interest through the form below before September 15th, 2023 so we can plan to match peers and launch this program in October 2023.

We are initially looking to understand the level of interest in taking part in the program.

If we gain enough interest we will follow up about next steps. If we get an overwhelming response we will seek to phase the program and launch further waves to ensure we have the capacity to successfully administer and support the program.   

Program Sessions

Our application process is now closed

Please check back in the future for more information on Global Connects Program

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