Consent Preferences
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Business without Blood Sports

Time to create a more compassionate future for all sentient beings.

A sport requires two consenting parties to participate with equal opportunity to win - and that is never the case when it comes to humans hunting animals.

Inflicting pain on other sentient creatures in the name of 'sport' is barbaric, cruel and unnecessary. Hunted animals are often killed in the most horrific and violent of situations - and if not killed immediately, are often left in excruciating pain until they finally succumb to the injuries inflicted upon them.

That is why Culture Canopy™ is joining 100's of businesses signing the League Against Cruel Sports pledge; Business without Blood Sports.

We strive to contribute towards a more compassionate future where animals used for entertainment, food & fashion is a thing of the past, and a future where all sentient beings are respected and protected.


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