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Partnering mission driven organizations to create a more sustainable & compassionate tomorrow

Compassionate | Holistic | Strategic | Bespoke

Empowering clients to enhance creativity, culture & community with inclusive, modern & people centric strategic solutions - creating positive change for

people, animals & the planet

Our Mission

Culture Canopy™ develops people centric, sustainable, and holistic human resources initiatives & services, tailored & right-sized to an organization’s ambitions & goals. Devising compassionate & effective people strategies & transformational Human Resources to enhance employee performance & experience.

Culture Canopy™ takes a compre
hensive approach across the organizational & employee journey, considering organizational design & development, workforce planning, compensation, inclusion & belonging, culture development and talent acquisition, development & performance.

Culture Canopy™ has international experience in providing Human Resources solutions in the commercial for-profit & non-profit sectors, with a focus on values led and mission driven organizations in the vegan, sustainability & animal welfare space.   

Our Values


Culture Canopy is committed to delivering solutions centered around equity & inclusion, and supporting clients in connecting their story to their people with an engaging approach which fosters a sense of belonging. 


Culture Canopy partners organizations committed to operating sustainably in their practices, as well as in their approach to their own people, providing solutions to modernize & answer the needs of the future world of work.  


Culture Canopy supports organizations who seek to disrupt the norms & contribute good to the world, leading in the way they engage with the world around them, and by delivering lasting impact which makes a difference.


Culture Canopy believes in a compassionate & progressive world of equality for all, and believes in a vegan plant-based & mindful lifestyle with the elimination of animals used for food, materials, testing and entertainment. 

What We Do

Bespoke Solutions

We take a comprehensive approach across the organizational & employee journey, considering organizational design & development, workforce planning, compensation, inclusion & belonging, culture development and talent acquisition, development & performance

Partnership Packages

We offer a variety of packages offering fractional Human Resources services, to support leadership teams in evolving the organization, developing the culture & providing access to a strategic partner when you need it most

Animal Advocacy Organizations

We provide services to strengthen & support the vegan & animal advocacy movement, through a mix of direct engagements, funded engagements and pro bono support. Please get in touch if you would like to explore having our support.

Cow Eye

Schedule a discovery call with us

Please schedule an initial 15 minute discovery consultation with us so we can learn about your organizations needs and discuss how Culture Canopy could be the right partner for you

"I have worked closely with Jay for nearly 2 years and throughout that time have always highly valued his knowledge and experience on a broad range of People and Culture topics.
He is incredibly supportive and always readily available if we need advice or input on a project or business initiative. His style and approach is always measured and carefully considered and he is thorough in his analysis and impactful with his presentation.
We value his outlook and expertise and will continue working with him in the future as we evolve our People strategy. Huge thank you for the work and guidance so far."

Fiona Wenlock, Chief People Officer 

Stella McCartney


Culture Canopy is a certified LGBTBE®

Certified through the NGLCC Supplier Diversity Initiative 


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