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Partnering mission driven organizations to create a more sustainable & compassionate tomorrow for people, animals & the planet

Compassionate | Holistic | Strategic | Bespoke

Our Mission

Culture Canopy™ develops people centric, sustainable, and holistic human resources initiatives & services, tailored & right-sized to an organization’s ambitions & goals. Devising compassionate & effective people strategies & transformational Human Resources to enhance employee performance & experience.

Culture Canopy™ takes a compre
hensive approach across the organizational & employee journey, considering organizational design & development, workforce planning, compensation, inclusion & belonging, culture development and talent acquisition, development & performance.

Culture Canopy™ has international experience in providing Human Resources solutions in the commercial for-profit & non-profit sectors, with a focus on values led and mission driven organizations in the vegan, sustainability & animal welfare space.   

Our Values


Culture Canopy is committed to delivering solutions centered around equity & inclusion, and supporting clients in connecting their story to their people with an engaging approach which fosters a sense of belonging. 


Culture Canopy partners organizations committed to operating sustainably in their practices, as well as in their approach to their own people, providing solutions to modernize & answer the needs of the future world of work.  


Culture Canopy supports organizations who seek to disrupt the norms & contribute good to the world, leading in the way they engage with the world around them, and by delivering lasting impact which makes a difference.


Culture Canopy believes in a compassionate & progressive world of equality for all, and believes in a vegan plant-based & mindful lifestyle with the elimination of animals used for food, materials, testing and entertainment. 

What We Do


Culture Canopy is a certified LGBTBE®

Certified through the NGLCC Supplier Diversity Initiative 


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