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Strategic Partnership Packages

Our People & Culture (or HR) partnership offering gives your organization access to strategic HR guidance when you need it the most. We can offer a People & Culture lens into your organizations operations, partnering your leaders to help you operate efficiently - saving you time & resources your teams may be spending figuring out the People & Culture stuff!


We offer services in a way which works the best for your unique needs, allowing you to have a strategic partner on hand for whatever may come up. We also partner you proactively to evolve your operations and culture, so you can maximize your impact & deliver your mission.

We have 6 package layers with varying levels of integration, starting with our Forest Floor package offering foundational guidance - up to the Rainforest package; our most complete package - where we closely partner you and your teams to deliver the most impact. 

Supporting not for profit organizations & small businesses


We want businesses and organizations in the vegan, animal advocacy, environmental, social justice & sustainability space to succeed and create positive change in the world. We recognize there can be budget constraints and so we offer a general discount for any not for profit organization we work with.

In addition, we can apply an additional discount for any not for profit organization whose funding is below $750K per year, and any commercial business whose revenue is below $750K per year. 

Pro-Bono Support


We offer regular pro-bono work for animal & vegan advocacy organizations, so if you feel your organization could benefit from our support but you do not currently have available budget to work with us, please do connect with us to explore how we could best support you and if we have capacity for to offer any pro-bono services. 


The Whole Rainforest

Our complete package, allowing us to be fully integrated with your organization to create the most impact by partnering leaders, developing culture & enhancing internal processes.

The Emergent Layer

Our fifth level package offering strategic partners to your full leadership team to support organizational efficiencies, culture development & internal processes

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In the forest

The Canopy Layer

Our fourth level package, offering strategic partners to your key leadership team to enhance culture & drive organizational efficiencies

The Understory Layer

Our third level package partnering leaders and offering a strategic HR lens to enhance culture & empower performance

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The Shrub Layer

Our secondary level package, partnering leaders to embed a respectful workplace culture & impartiality to resolve internal concerns

The Forest Floor

Our entry level package, supporting organizational leaders with critical foundations & strategic guidance to manage their people & culture topics

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Connect with us

For more information on our packages or to discuss which option might be the best fit for you and your organization, please provide us some information below and we will get back to you shortly. 

Thank you for your message. We will get back to you shortly.

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