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People Operations Setup

We understand the complexity involved when you are looking to scale your not-for-profit organization internationally - or for organizations who manage a remote workforce who can be based anywhere in the world.

We know the options to support you in efficiently hiring employees internationally can be limited, expensive and lacking in answering your unique needs. Whether thats partnering with a PEO or EOR vendor, setting up your own legal entity in a new territory, relying on other organizations for support or engaging with talent as contractors - it can be complex and time consuming.

This project is a collaboration between Culture Canopy & the Reward Guru. 

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  • We want to speak to not-for-profit organizations who manage employees internationally

  • We want to gauge your interest in Culture Canopy & the Reward Guru providing a solution, which would enable your organization to expand internationally more efficiently & effectively - saving time and allowing you to focus on delivering your mission

  • We believe there are benefits to be leveraged by consolidating the needs of organizations in the movement


  • For Organizations in the movement, interested in exploring this opportunity, we would hold an initial introductory call to understand your unique setup & needs

  • Dependent on the interest of organizations and the volume of organizations, we will determine the achievability of providing a solution to benefit the movement 

  • If there is interest & the project is achievable, we would further plan & investigate how to provide a more efficient & effective solution to support your organization & your people

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