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Guidance for Compensation & Total Rewards Review Process

If you are taking part in the Compensation & Total Reward Review process with Culture Canopy & Faunalytics, you will find further guidance here on how to complete the data worksheet you have been provided as part of the process. 


By completing the data worksheet you are providing the data we need to conduct a thorough review of the compensation ranges & total reward offerings in the movement. We will combine the data of all the organizations to provide compensation ranges & guidance on building your total rewards offering. This work will also support us in ensuring workers in the movement are fairly compensated & retain people in the movement. 

The reports we provide back will support you in:

  • Making informed decisions around pay,

  • Determining pay level for positions moving forward,

  • Validating your current compensation offering,

  • Empowering you to make decisions around your total reward offering, 

  • Reducing pay discrepancies in the farmed animal protection movement, and 

  • Providing a data source for budgeting & funding applications 



As part of the data submission, we are asking you to complete two tabs in the file.

1. Organizational Data Sheet

In the organizational data sheet, we are asking you to provide specific data for each country in which you operate, so that we have an understanding of your reward offering. We have shown an example of what we are looking for in the data sheet. 

2. Role Data Sheet

In the role data sheet, we are looking for specific information by role. You should not provide any personal information as part of this data sheet. The information we are asking you to provide is organizational data related to roles, compensation & rewards.


As part of this sheet, we are asking you to populate the below fields for each role in your organization, which are also displayed in the video below. 

Data Sheet - File List Guide

  • Record ID - This is an optional field for you to use if you need to lookup information from other files to populate the data sheet. Please ensure for the final version you submit the Record ID does not include any employee personal data (such as name). 

  • Country - Select the work country 

  • Job Title - Input the position job title 

  • Job Level

    • Using the examples shown in the job level guidance tab, match the role to one of the levels (we are here to support if you are unsure of anything - please contact us through the contact form below) 

  • Job Family

    • Select the job group the position fits into ​best 

  • Job Family Group 

    • This field is auto populated based on the Job Family field 

  • Employment type

    • Select Employee or Contractor​

  • Working Hours per Week

    • Input the weekly working hours of the role (example: 40 hours)​

  • Remit of Role 

    • To help us understand the geographical scope of the position, please select the remit of the role, from local or state to country, multi-country, region or global. ​

  • People Manager

    • Select yes if the role manages other roles ​

  • Budget Management

    • Select yes if the role manages any budget or makes financial decisions ​

  • Salary or Fee

    • This will automatically update based on the employment type to reflect Salary or Fee

  • Currency

    • Please input the currency of the salary/fee​

  • Annual Base Salary or Annual Fee

    • Please input the annual salary for the role, or the annual fee if the role is a contractor​

    • For hourly employees: Multiply the hourly rate by the standard working hours and then multiply by 52 weeks. (Example: $10 per hour X 40 Hours per week X 52 weeks = $20,800) 

  • Contracted Working Hours Per Week

    • Please input the hours the role is expected to work each week, and the hours on which the salary is based 

  • Standard Working Hours Per Week 

    • Please input the standard working hours for the role if it was full time. If the role is full time, the number is the same. This will allow us to ensure we are using the correct full time equivalent salary for the role when we come to the analysis. ​

  • Allowance Details (Optional)

    • We do not anticipate many organizations will need to populate anything here for allowances, but we have added this section to record any specific allowances an employee has (for example, this could include a house allowance or another type of monetary allowance that is provided as part of the employees total compensation package).


If you are unsure about any of the data fields detailed above,

please reach out to us through the contact form below.


We have added a brief description for the different job levels detailed within the data worksheet. These are just representative descriptions so please use your best judgement to map the positions in your organization to these levels. 


Please do not hesitate to reach out if you need any support in completing the data worksheet. There is a contact form at the bottom of this page to reach out with your question and we will get back to you shortly. 



  • We hope to be able to provide data based on up to 100 organizations in the farmed animal protection space. However, the quality of this review will depend on the number of organizations that participate, so we encourage you to reach out if we can do anything to make it easier for you to participate. 

  • The reports we produce with the data you share will consolidate that data across multiple organizations and roles to ensure the confidentiality of participating organizations. 

  • Reports will be available for participating organizations. Depending on interest in the process, we may continue or evolve this initiative in future years

  • For the first phase of this project, your organization will receive a $50 USD donation in appreciation of your time from Faunalytics.


Compensation & Total Rewards Project Query

Please add your query below and we will come back to you shortly. 

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