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People & Culture support available for Animal & Vegan Advocacy Organizations

People & Culture Advisory Support

We are here to partner organizations in the animal and vegan advocacy movement - to support them in being as impactful as they can be - by creating high performing, collaborative, inclusive, rewarding, professional and equitable team environments where everyone can be successful. 

We can also support organizations in looking ahead, to make sustainable decisions today which helps to position them for future and long term success towards their ambitions - while creating impactful employee experiences which attracts, develops, supports and recognizes their talent.


Through our partnership, we help leaders to progress the overall organizational health - contributing to their potential and impact, and collectively creating better outcomes for animals. 

We have been engaged to deliver select People & Culture advisory services (at no cost) to organizations in the farmed animal and vegan advocacy movement. 

We anticipate supporting organizations on a range of projects, acting as a People & Culture partner to help create more healthy, performance driven & inclusive workplaces while also supporting organizations on their evolution and ability to deliver upon their strategic plans in a sustainable way.

Through this offering, we are able to support with advisory support including;

  • Acting as a thought partner to Executive Directors

  • Acting as a thought partner to other Leaders within the organization 

  • Partnering Operations lead's to implement best practice People & Culture initiatives

  • Supporting organizations to develop strategic direction and operational plans for delivery 

  • Supporting leaders to think about the evolution of the Organization and determine future needs 

  • Partner organizations to develop their culture, increase employee engagement and create an overall rewarding and professional employee experience

  • Support organizations to ensure a respectful work environment 

  • Available for ad hoc queries to support Leaders in resolving People & Culture related topics 

If you feel your organization could value from our support, please submit a query below and we will be in touch soon. 

Does my organization qualify for support under this offering? 

  • If your organization is a not-for-profit organization advocating to improve the lives of farmed animals, removing animals from exploitation, or advocating for diet change, we invite you to get in touch with us to see if and how we can best support you. 

  • While we will aim to support as many organizations as we can, there may be some situations where we do not have the capacity to take on new clients.

  • We may also decide we cannot offer support if we do not feel we can drive significant impact for your organization, and we reserve the right to refuse any request for support. 

  • While our focus is on Farmed Animal & Vegan Advocacy, we will consider requests from other Animal Advocacy groups, and Animal Sanctuary's. At this time we are not able to support organizations solely focused on companion animals. 

What does a typical engagement under this initiative look like? 

  • Every organization is unique, and each engagement is therefore unique to reflect the needs and deliverables we outline for the engagement. 

  • We anticipate that each engagement with organizations under this initiative to be anywhere from 1 to 6 hours of support per month.

  • Typically we will structure our engagements with regular check in meetings to progress our work together - but we can also be available for support on an as needed basis.

  • There is no minimum requirement to receive support from us under this initiative, and engagements can vary over time. 

Are there other services you can support with? 

  • Absolutely, we can support on other topics - although it may not be covered by the advisory support we have been engaged to provide. Once we understand your needs we can determine what might be possible and will work with you to develop a solution or find you the support you need. 

  • We also have a network of collaborators across Pay & Reward, Learning & Development, Finance & Governance, General Operations and Legal who we can connect you with if you need support in other areas. 

These services will be offered to a number of organizations for the first half of 2024. After these initial 6 months, we will assess how best to continue providing these support services to the movement. 

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People & Culture Support Request

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